Is your family feeling digitally distracted, disconnected and stressed?


Join other families in taking the Inspirational 21 Day Challenge. You could WIN a FREE dinner!*

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At the start of the 21 Day Challenge, you will receive an email each day with a daily discussion challenge and specific instructions to put your distractions away and authentically connect.

At the end of the 21 days, based on your Facebook group participation, you and your family could win a FREE dinner of your choice!


*Dinner prize valued at $100. Have it delivered or go to your favorite restaurant.

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Why try deeper family discussions?


We’ve met with hundreds of families and tested a number of experiences to bring them closer together. What we found is that the simple art of regular focused, prioritized discussions with no distractions is incredibly effective. We see families having fun, showing each other respect and learning more about how they see the world.

The 21 Day Challenge is just the beginning

Inspirational is dedicated to bringing families together while decreasing distractions. This challenge is an easy and free way to see how a simple action for 21 days can help your family. After the 21 Day challenge, you can still receive additional activities to focus on reducing a variety of distracting behaviors in the home as part of any ongoing monthly program.

Connecting with other families

We’re all in this together. You’ll get the most value by participating in the Facebook group and discussing your challenges to make family discussions a priority for 21 days.

For your family’s health

Research shows that families who create a distraction-free time to connect with each other have less stress and more self esteem. Doesn’t your family deserve that while having fun together?


How does the 21 Day Challenge work?


1. Sign up through the short form above.

2. Join your exclusive 21 Day Challenge Facebook Group (by invitation only).

3. Each day of the challenge, you will receive discussion topics, tips, and lots of motivation for deeper connection!