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Most important family rituals

Dinner is the most sacred ritual of nearly every family by far. 98% of families make it a priority to sit down with some level of formality to share a meal and discuss their day. This was the most consistent pattern of behavior and priority across families. 80% of the time, all family members are present at dinner with dads being the person most often not able to attend due to work commitments or travel.

The second most important ritual is bed time. This is most often, depending on the age of the kids, characterized by reading books and checking in with the children. 99% of parents exclusively use paperback books at bedtime when reading stories. 27% of parents have a prayer or a reflective moment at bedtime on a regular basis.

Car time was an interesting topic of discussion. There seems to be a lot of valuable conversations that happen when en route to places. Notably when parents do not see their kids’ faces and look them directly in the eye, they talk more and seem to open up.

Morning time seems less consistent as a routine and focused family time with only 25% reporting structured interactive activity at home compared to evening time.

Sports and weekend activities are consistently important but lack any regular pattern, being dependent upon the time of year and type of activity.

Religious observance of some type was important to 54% of them.

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