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Spouses struggling with each other's screen time

61% of married couples claim that they communicate with each other regularly in a variety of ways to tell the other that they should spend less time on their phone. Most the conversation is in reference to family time with the kids but it is also prevalent regarding couple time. Most of spouses have the expectation with each other that work must be tended to at the home after hours. But often they’ll feel that other things not work-related are competing for attention. They may also simply feel that work hours are intruding on family time. Most couples characterize the communication as harmless nagging but they do wish that more time could be reclaimed for the family and each other. It is also often noted that a family’s kids will often say something to them about breaking the rules for device use. When asked about progress made in reducing their own screen time, 92% percent of parents said that they had not been successful.

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