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Thoughts on family screen time compared to others

We have spoken with families across the spectrum. From parents who firmly believe that our world’s new reality is digital devices and you’d better fully embrace it or get left behind, to those who are staunch believers in no devices for kids in the home - period. Where do families think they fall on that scale and how do they know?

The answer is that the significant outliers know that they are outliers and they’re right. For those parents who fall in the middle, most say that they think they probably a have a little less screen time consumption than average. For those who have more than average, but are not the outliers, they often believe that others misrepresent their own use and most likely participate screen time as much as they do.

So how can parents know without asking other parents directly, which is often cited as awkward? Most people report that their kids playing at other homes gives them a sense, with the biggest reveal being the age at which their child is allowed to own their own phone.

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