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We dig into the importance of discovery and why it's essential to the Inspirational brand. Learn more about our values and share discussions with your loved ones about their own.

Inspirational Discovery

By Pot Luck Mama

When I left home for college Mama advised I let my heart inspire my class selections. I did, and a few years in I realized I could easily double-major. That’s what happens when we pursue passions - themes emerge and we self-discover. Majoring in Literature and History does not define me. It does reveal my love for characters, stories and big picture understanding. My mother’s advice was not the only instance of her encouraging me to discover. It was one stand-out moment among many such encouragements.

Discovery is the process of finding, realizing, or unearthing something. We discover ideas, places and connections every day whether we are mindful of these discoveries or not. The Inspirational community believes in mindful discovery. We want to learn and evolve, deepening relationships along the way. We want to be real and connect. 

Discovery starts with inspiration. Something stirs your senses, calling you to action. The idea pushes you to reach out and learn more. You see, touch, taste, hear or smell your way through the experience, making judgements along the way.

Wisdom develops from experience, knowledge and careful judgment.

Sharing discoveries provides opportunities for wisdom to develop. I want to encourage my children to discover with the same enthusiasm my mother showed me.

Do you share your discoveries with the people you love?

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