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When and how families pass on wisdom

This question resulted in more pause than others. For the purpose of this question, we characterized this as deeper life lessons parents intentionally seek to pass on such as how to be kind, what love is and why being generous is a good virtue, etc.

82% said that all opportunities to teach wisdom are reactive. In essence this means that the impetus for these deeper discussions is a response to negative behavior. Explaining to a child why they needed to be a good person was triggered by an action that was seen as bad by the parent.

There was no set time or place in the home on a routine basis to consider wisdom and share it. Many parents state that the deepest moments of conversation consistently result from not being face to face with their child such as being in the car or walking the dog together. Families attending religious services experience that as the natural spring board to discuss things of this nature. But a decreasing number of families are regularly attending religious services. Most often people other than parents, such as teachers, are providing kids with some version of wisdom, if it is taught at all.

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