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as a Pot Luck Mama parent wanting to learn more about 50 families navigating screen time, devices and social media


We founded Inspirational to create products and services that help families decrease their time on devices, reclaiming it to do healthy activities together . We spent the past months meeting in-depth with 50 families about their rules and rituals surrounding screen time, devices, video games and social media. What fun and interesting conversations to have.

We now find ourselves asking not just what’s possible with devices and technology - but what is good, what is helpful, what is needed? We’ve published a culmination of these findings as our first Digital Well-being Parenting Playbook: The First 50 Report.

We are giving Pot Luck Mama parents our top 10 findings as a gift for being a parent engaged in these topics. Just click the “get the top 10 findings” button on the left. Our next playbook is a deep dive into the specifics of rules and rituals around screen time: Parenting Screen Time Rules for Kids Report. We need to reach 1,000 parents to properly publish this next piece. If you’ll participate by answering questions about your family’s rules then we’ll also give you the full First 50 report as well. Take that survey by clicking the button on the right, “get full findings” and we will give you access to the full report at the end. You can help us accelerate the research and publication date by sharing with other parents via the social share buttons on the left.

Thank you for helping others find balance in their family’s digital lives, by sharing your own.

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