Inspirational's Digital Well-Being Playbook

About The Research

We founded Inspirational to create products and services that help families decrease their time on devices and reclaim it together doing healthy activities.

We met with 50 families for in depth conversations about rules and rituals surrounding devices. Our research culminated in the publication of the “Digital Well-Being Playbook: The First 50 Report,” accessible for free when you subscribe to our mailing list.

Thank you for being someone concerned and engaged in these topics around digital health.

Sample Findings Include

92% of parents actively look though messages and browse histories of their children but only 16% use software to help monitor content for that purpose.

93% of all "kid tablets" are gifted by a family member and not planned for in advance.

93% of children have a phone by 8th grade.

99% of parents feel screen time and devices are important topics but only 13% discuss it in detail with other parents because they worry about "seeming judgy".

97% of parents say the first experience their child had with a digital device was handing them an adult's phone as a toy. This was most often not a planned or discussed decision among parents.

23% of families allow their kids to have their own social media accounts at any age and the top two are Instagram and Snapchat.

81% of parents restrict the home Internet access in some way or lock down devices.

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