We set out to understand screen time and it effects on families.

The journey lead to us meet in depth with 50 families as part of the research of the Lab. We found apps to repress apps, timers, monitors, auto/remote shut down systems - the list goes on and on and on - and on. We found an infinite number of forums, communities and content on how to be wary of everything online. We found horror stories 0f video games and social media. But one question we asked, seemed to generate the greatest pause, “how and when do you pass on wisdom to your children?”


We discovered that something much greater than simply putting down devices was needed.

In fact, many families have forgotten what they can do and be without screens and devices. We realized instead of focusing on the negatives alone in taking things away, we’re bringing back positive, deep family interactions. We’re using sound, conversation and fun to offer something to bond over.


For thousands of years people have handed down knowledge, experience and wisdom face to face - until now.

This is the first generation where parents have shifted roles from being primarily purveyors of their experience and wisdom to content curators. Much of the lineage of “what my mom told me” is being replaced with picking out the best videos on YouTube Kids. We feel that this tradition is important and need to be revived.


We’re using gamification to make deep conversation and storytelling fun.

Each Inspirational experience box is sent in the mail. Different games and activities allow us to take virtues like compassion, generosity and patience and make them fun. In the process you’ll learn more about your own family, their history and each other.


How do you pass on wisdom in your family?

Share your own family stories and traditions. What are the things you experienced as a child that were special? Which traditions and lessons are you passing on now? Chime in as part of our Community.