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Thanks for sharing

your experiences as a parent navigating screen time and devices.

What a fun conversation to have. Each one of you were willing to give a truthful depiction of what you’re grappling with. These are new times. There are no clear right or wrong answers. Like the advent of sunscreen, the resurgence of organic foods, and physical fitness classes, humanity is balancing to find peace in a modern world. We now find ourselves asking not just what’s possible with devices and technology - but what is good, what is helpful, what is needed?

You have helped as an early part of this work and we wanted to give you something in return for saying yes. We felt that you might be curious about how other families are approaching these issues. This is the resulting knowledge of our first 50 meetings. Please use this as a guide post that you are not alone and we’re all searching for this new balance together. The more we ask and the more we share, the faster we will get there.

Based on your answers, our first products will focus on reducing digital distractions for adults with phones at the dinner table while elevating the quality of conversations for the family. To help us refine our initial ideas, we have 5 quick questions for you. By helping us with these quick answers we want to extend our gratitude by sharing all of our findings on how these initial 50 families are creating rules and managing devices.

Thank you for helping others find balance of digital lives by sharing your own.