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Thanks for sharing

your experiences as a parent navigating screen time and devices.

What a fun conversation to have. Each one of you were willing to give a truthful depiction of what you’re grappling with. These are new times where often there are no clear right or wrong approaches and you’re simply attempting to answer - what is good, what is helpful, what is needed?

You have helped as an early part of this work and we wanted to give you something as a thank you in return for saying yes to being interviewed. We felt you might be curious about how other families are approaching these issues. We’ve provided the summary of findings and we’re asking you to help with a few questions about your family’s dinner time and to share the new online survey about screen time with your friends. Here are the three things:

1) Open your gift with the “get the top 10 findings” button below on the left.

2) Get the full report by answering five quick questions about your dinner time as it relates to a first product we’re considering for families. Simply click the “get the full first 50 report” below on the right and it’ll start the short survey, after which, we give you a link to the full report.

3) Please click the social share buttons below to help us get this new online survey to 1,000 new parents regarding their screen time rules. We’ll publish those results and send them to you shortly in our next playbook.

We will be publishing a series of Digital Well-being Parenting Playbooks between now and July covering rules and routines around screen time, smartphones, social media and video games. As an early contributor, we will give you first access.

Thank you for helping others find balance of digital lives by sharing your own.